Dear ESAGCS Member,

We are currently accepting nominations for our Board of
Directors for 2013. Please consider helping out the ESAGCS as we work to
improve our professional image, exchange information and ideas, support our
communities and have a bit of fun along the way. Your Board service is much
appreciated and essential to the success of the ESAGCS. If you would like to be
nominated for board service or would like to nominate another member in good
standing please email your nominations to admin@esagcs.org , by January 9th, 2013. An
official election ballot will then be sent, based on nominations, later
this month for your vote.

If anyone has any questions, we have included the bylaws
regarding elections below or you can email your questions to any Board member or admin@esagcs.org.


Section A.1 –

The officers of this
association shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and the
Immediate Past President. With the
exception of the Immediate Past President, which is not an elected office, they
shall be elected at the Annual Meeting and shall serve for a period of two
years. Only Class A members who are actively employed, as golf course
superintendents are eligible for election as officers. Officers ceasing
employment can serve in their office for up to six months after cession of

Section A.2 – Board of

The Board of Directors
referred to in these by-laws as “The Board”, shall consist of the President,
Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Immediate Past President and three
Directors. The officers will appoint Affiliate members to the Board. The
President shall be the chief executive officer of the Board.

Section A.3 –

election of officers shall be held at the Annual Meeting of the Association, and
shall be conducted with a show of hands or written ballots and are to be
counted by current Board. The results of the Annual Election shall be posted
by the current Secretary.