2014 ESAGCS Golf Letter

 It’s time to stop thinking about snow plows, ice melt and
winter projects. I hope that I am not being premature but it is that time
again…….The ANNUAL ESAGCS GOLF LETTER. The writing of this letter normally
marks the time when the west coast PGA swing is complete and we are in the
middle of the Florida leg. Masters thoughts and Amen Corner are on our mind,
but I know your real thoughts are fixated on the ESAGCS tour. Well, get the
clubs out of hibernation, replace your soft spikes, iron your golf shirts, mark
your balls and get ready for the first meeting in March at Chester River Yacht
and Country Club!


The ESAGCS Board of Directors has worked very hard in the
offseason to secure a great venue of meeting sites again this year. The
schedule lets us visit a venue we have never been too and one that we have not
ventured too in quite some time, please see attached schedule of events. Gibson
Island will host our September Pigskin Pick Em event. This is a can’t miss! I
know some of you might say its on the other side of the bridge but Bill Reil
has graciously invited us to this historic venue. This is a great opportunity
to visit this exclusive property located right on the Chesapeake Bay. July’s
event, brings us to Bear Trap Dunes. It has been quite a while since we last
had a meeting there and we are looking forward to having the final round of the
ESAGCS Championship there. Please take a look at our scheduled events and thank
our hosts in advance. They and their clubs put a lot of effort into having us
as guests for the day so please offer your thanks.


The Grudge match is set once again. The Chesapeake Challenge
(ESAGCS vs. MAAGCS) is scheduled for our May meeting at Queenstown Harbor.
ESAGCS is looking for a "ThreePete". This is a Two Man Team Event,
Match Play so start thinking about a partner and start throwing some smack
across the Bay at the Chicken Neckers! We would love to have a great turnout
for this event, so please plan ahead.


This is also time for my yearly plea for your prompt sign
up for our events. Please try and sign up by the deadline date. It makes my
life and those of the golf shops much easier. Last minute cancellations are
actually worse so please try and plan ahead. I also ask that if you have people
that you have asked to be partnered with, please let me know in advance. Not to
worry if you don’t, I will partner you up. Official USGA handicap rule will
once again be in effect. If there is anyone that needs help in establishing an
official handicap, please see me for information.


Lastly, I would like to give a big shout out to all of
our supporting vendor organizations! Year in and year out they continue to
support our efforts. We would not be where we are and recognized for what we
do, without their help. A list of them is put up at all of our meetings so
please remember to thank them and try and support them back.


I look forward to seeing everyone throughout the season.
Our meetings rely on good attendance from everyone. Talk it up, carpool
together and spend the day with your peers. The camaraderie and networking is
invaluable and the golf can also give you a chance to unleash your competitive
energies…..or just come out, enjoy some friends, play golf, drink a couple of
beers and enjoy the day!


See you at Chester River!


Respect the Game


Todd Cowing

ESAGCS Golf Chairman