Environmental Management – Chase Rogan

Building Your Environmental Program
Environmental programs are gaining popularity among golf courses across the land. In some states, we already have well documented BMP manuals that serves as the benchmark for golf courses in the given states. But if you are interested in building on that established base to complete a more robust environmental program, GCSAA can help. By clicking on the “Environment” menu on GCSAA’s homepage, you will be on your way to tailoring a custom-made environmental program that suits your course, your budget, and your staff.
Once you reach the Environment page, there is a box of links under the heading “Get Started.” Here, you have a quick start guide, sample policies and objectives, and a guide to environmental programs. Click on the quick start guide, and there appears a list of tips under various topics including: general facility practices, basic risk management, water use, water quality, energy conservation, and pollution prevention.
One of the keys to any successful environmental program is continual improvement. While it may seem like a daunting task getting started, don’t be afraid to start small. Making minor adjustments here and there can give you a taste of what building a program is all about. From there, document your improvements – documentation is key! Then, build on those improvements over time. A good environmental program is a living document that is constantly evolving. Try not to take on too much at one time and burn yourself out. Set small goals, and build from there. Before you know it, you will have a showcase environmental program in place that you and facility can be proud of.
Chase is the Mid Atlantic regional representative for the GCSAA.
You can contact him at crogan@gcsaa.org