June Meeting Recap and Golf Results

Superintendent Mike Salvio, CGCS and Ocean City Golf Club were the hosts for our June ESAGCS meeting.  We were pleased to have representatives from Atlantic General Hospital on hand to educate the group on skin cancer and prevention. We also had Jeff Merritt from Operation We Care on hand to tell us more about how they serve the local military.  Here is a recap of the event –


Operation We Care – Last year the ESAGCS donated to the local non-profit Operation We Care.  President Jeff Merritt briefly talked to the group about what they do for local military, LEO & Fire/EMS.  Since 2007 they have sent care packages to military overseas & supported our local military.  They also provide welcome homes at airports, provide escorts, give Wounded Warrior support and support local law enforcement and Fire/EMS support.

See more of what they do at http://www.operationwecare.org/

Atlantic General Hospital – Folks from Atlantic General were on hand to educate the group on skin cancer identification and prevention.  Along with a slideshow, they made the following key points:

  • Inspect your skin regularly, looking for moles and dark lesions that are irregular in color and shape.  Any such marks larger than a pencil eraser should be looked at by a doctor.
  • Use sunscreen frequently.  Start early in the morning and apply every 2 hours.  Apply sunscreen to all areas exposed to the sun.  Lotions are preferred over sprays.
  • Use clothing and hats that will shield the sun from your skin.  Also use sunglasses to keep harmful UV rays from damaging skin and eyes.

A small amount of prevention goes a long way.  Stay vigilant!


The hot weather kept many away from the course, which was too bad as Mike and crew worked very hard to get Newport ready for the event.  4 groups went out for the second round of the ESAGCS championship series.  Here are the results:

Stroke Play:

Gross Division

1st place:          Mike Pyne             81

2nd place:        Ken McFadden    83

3rd place:        Kevin Smith          83

Net Division

1st place:            Todd Cowing       69

2nd place:          Joel McTavish     69

3rd place:          Joe Perry               74

Closest to the pin

#2 – Ken McFadden

#7 – Mike Pyne

#17 – Kevin Smith

Long Drive

Joel McTavish

A special thanks to host Mike Salvio, CGCS and staff.  We appreciate the hospitality!