Maryland’s Golf Course Best Management Practices

Maryland’s Golf Course Best Management Practices committee is proud to announce the publication of the Maryland’s Golf Course Best Management Practices document and launch of the companion web site.

Superintendents, in partnership with University of Maryland turf scientists developed these research-based, voluntary guidelines specifically for the state of Maryland. In addition to the state’s nutrient and pesticide regulations, these BMPs not only protect natural resources, they also afford the opportunity for superintendents to be recognized by club members, the community at large, and state officials as environmental stewards.

Now that Maryland has developed statewide BMPs, the focus is shifting towards getting superintendents throughout the state to adopt BMPs at the facility level. GCSAA is developing an on-line tool that will allow superintendents to take the state BMPs and adapt specifically for their facility. This tool is expected to be completed this fall. We will be providing additional information regarding the availability and use of this tool as soon as it is available. For now, you can begin using our state BMPs to enhance your facility operations, as a communication tool for your golfers and a learning experience for your staff. Stay tuned as we continue to work with GCSAA for further utilization of this valuable project.