2015 November Turf Conference Recap

The ESAGCS held its 9th annual Fall Turfgrass Conference at the Princess Royale Hotel and Event Center in Ocean City, MD.  Nearly 125 attendees were treated to two days of education and networking opportunities at the event.  The following serves as a recap of the entire conference event:

Day 1

  • Rich Buckley, Rutgers University “2015 Turf Disease Update: Insight from the Rutgers Plant Diagnostic Lab” – Rich reviewed some of the major disease trends that came through his lab in 2015.
  • PGA Director of Golf John Malinowski “News and Updates from the PGA” – John shared the latest updates and initiatives from the PGA of America.  He also discussed how relations and communications can be improved between superintendents and golf professionals.
  • State of Maryland   “Pesticide Regulation and Nutrient Management regulatory updates for Maryland and Delaware” – A representative from the state updated the group with the latest news on regulations on pesticides and fertilizers.

 Welcome Reception

As attendees socialized and mingled,  announcements were made regarding the 2015 Scholarship Recipients.  Dr Joseph Roberts, Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland was also invited to speak about his future plans for the University.

2015 Scholarship Recipients:      Scott Hebert, Evan Richter

Day 2

  • Dr. Pat Vittum University of Massachusetts: “Back to the Basics of Insect Management” – Pat spoke to the group about the basics of managing the insects that call our golf courses home.  Significant time was spent on understanding the life cycles of insects and what products can be used during particular times.  Significant time was also sent on ABW management.
  • Dr. Beth Guertal Auburn University: “The Ins and Outs of Foliar Nutrients” – Beth spoke to the group about foliar feeding of turfgrass and how a deeper understanding of Nitrogen can increase the efficiency of our fertilizer applications.

The ESAGCS would like to thank all attendees and sponsors of the event.  We sincerely appreciate your attendance and sponsorship.